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During training and playing, the body controls its temperature by losing fluids, and failing to replace those fluids is a major problem. Excessive fluid loss reduces your endurance capacity, power, and concentration and increases reaction time. Losing more than 2 percent of your body weight in sweat is detrimental to performance and health.

Hyperhydrating-raising your body's fluid level above the normal rate-counteracts and reduces the negative effects of fluid loss during games and training.
A practical way to monitor sweat loss is to weigh yourself before and after exercise. Each pound of weight lost equals one pint of fluid, and each kilogram equals one and a half liters. These losses should be replaced as soon as possible by drinking water and sports drinks.

Once you have established your typical sweat loss, you do not need to weigh yourself every time. Practice your fluid plan during the week, particularly for heavy training sessions, and get used to drinking during training. It is advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can increase fluid loss.

Guidelines for Hydration
Hyperhydrate before exercise
Drink fluids at regular intervals during training and competition.
Use sports drinks to help replace electrolytes and energy
Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol (they have a diuretic effect)
Weigh yourself pre- and postexercise and calculate your rate of sweat loss.
Monitor your urine color: it should be pale, not dark in color.


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Hyper-hydrating prior to a training session or a game will reduce the negative affects of fluid loss. Aim for 2-3 litres during the morning before a game and ensure that your weight is slightly heavier than normal.

Match Day Fluid Plan

Pre match Hyper-hydrate by drinking enough fluid, preferably water or very diluted apple juice, to raise your body weight above the normal range. Practice on training days. Weigh yourself prior to kick off.
During match Take on fluid, preferably a sports drink, at every opportunity. Aim for 1 pint during half time
Post match Weigh yourself following the game. Replace all of this weight loss before leaving the changing room with a combination of sports drinks, water and high glycaemic index snacks i.e. raisins, bananas, honey sandwich.